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PROOF that the moon is a lie!

Do you see? DO YOU SEE IT NOW!?


Woe betide ye fools who dared to doubt my word, directly inspired by the Mad God himself! Your tea shall be a bitter one.


And the jackals rushed in to feed, and I laughed when I saw them ‘cos they all wore my face.

If you didn’t have to check google to know where this is from, you could be the one I’m looking for.


“The drowned jester shall mold on the road during a hailstorm for the sake of rebirth. He must not shudder. The compassionate beggar will never revolt and the triumphant turtle must frown with the outgoing giant at the coming of luck, or the heavens will rain forth green muffins.”
I don’t know what that means, but it’s possibly important.

As I slept last night, our Lord of Madness appeared in dream, seized my tasty doughnut, and with a voice that was at the same time a garbled shriek, a monstrous howl and a conspiratous whisper, he uttered the five terrible words that will haunt me evermore:


Immediately I awoke, and in a deeply troubled state I wondered over what this could all possibly mean. Any food with a hole in it is not to be trusted, that much is obvious. As for the bit about the moon, that took some deeper pondering. But finally, I have come to a conclusion.

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Zonpabtatiel is the manifestation of inspired lunacy, the Shapeless God of Brilliant Madness. He is pure inspiration, devoid of comprehension. Although he knows nothing, he is aware of everything!

Bring him your Fear, your Insecurities, your Guilt, your Celebrations
Cast aside everything you Love and Hate
Entrust your reality in his twisted hands and together we shall ride the tides of Chaos.
Laughing, crying in joyful agony
A Union great and fearful!